Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching up to me on Mass Effect 2

Let me get everyone up to speed on where I am on Mass Effect 2. Yes, this blog might contain spoilers so if you haven't played it and want to be surprised, back away now.

After going through the initial opening sequence, which I will not ruin for you because was I ever surprised, I get my first round of missions from Cerberus. I went to the planet Omega first. I spent a considerable amount time there. You will have 4-5 missions to start with depending on whether or not you have the DLC. You can get it for free if you pre-ordered the game and got the Cerberus Network code or you can pay for it through Xbox live. I think it's 1200 points for access to the Cerberus Network.

Anyway, your missions here are going to be to be to pick up Archangel (I won't ruin the surprise as to who this actually is), Mordin (the Salarian Scientist that is like William Shatner with ADD) and Zaeed (the grizzled veteran with a million stories). You can buy the brandy Dr. Chakwas asks you for. Yes, she's back from! Lastly there is a mission for Aria to save her Krogan friend Patriarch.

If you have imported a Mass Effect character, you'll start with 100,000 credit to spend. If not, you'll have less.

Omega is an interesting planet. It is a mix of crime and gangs with a touch of strip club. The Asari beauties are back and dancing. Order a few drinks and talk to everyone.

After I left Omega I went and scanned planets. Oh yes, back to the monotonous planet scanning. Upgrading your ship's scanner will make this process faster but it still blows. I tend to read e-mails or something at the same time. I did manage to collect enough resources to upgrade some weapons, armor, ship stuff and a few prototypes. I also found a couple of missions.

If you have the Cerberus Network, you will also have the Normandy Mission. You get to go to the planet that the Normandy crashed on and collect the dog tags of the 20 crew men that died. Plus you get to find some resources, flashback to memories and plant a memorial. It's all very somber but nothing stressful of difficult. Don't forget to break those fragile crates if you want all the dog tags. Somehow those pesky tags have landed in the crates themselves.

Cerberus gives you a list of people to pick up and you will be scanning planets for anomalies to find other side missions. Aria gave me coordinates to a cache of smuggled goods. That was fun. Had to kill 3 large YMIR Mechs before they destroyed all the crates. I managed to salvage 13 of the original 20. Not bad but I don't think getting all 20 is remotely possible.

I am really enjoying having the "Incinerate" and "AI Hacking" abilities. Nothing like lighting enemies on fire or turning mechs against their comrades. It amuses me. I can't help it.

This is getting long. I did play last night but I'll update that later tonight and finish the catch up.

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