Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still on BFBC2

I played some more last night and again way too late. Hubby and I were on with Chris and having a blast. I really like the fact we can mess around with stuff in the game and still be able to win.

I find something I couldn't stand but it has to do with the players more than the game itself. We were on a map in Conquest and the opposing team would hop in an Apache helicopter and sit in our spawn, killing us instantly. I think a nice tweak to make it impossible for vehicles to go to spawns would be nice. We have "combat zones" in Bad Company 2 and if you go outside them you have 10 seconds to get back inside or you die. Why not subject vehicles to a stricter zone?

I saw this today on the web: "Over 2.3 Million Copies Of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Have Been Sold" Not bad for a game most people dismissed as being inferior to Modern Warfare 2. Guess what folks, Modern Warfare 2 is inferior. *Do I hear those torches being lit again?* I know several people that sold their copies of Modern Warfare 2 in favor of Bad Company 2. Sucks to be Infinity Ward right about now.

A friend called me yesterday and said I had to get Heavy Rain. I have been eyeballing it but I wanted personal feedback from someone. Of course if I wait, he'll mail me his copy and save me $65. Hmmmmm what to do, what to do.

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