Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have a natural aversion to males 18-24 because the majority of them are pompous know-it-alls that can't admit they don't know something. I dealt with them when I worked with exotic animals and now that I am in the gaming world.

Had an argument today with one, 20, about lagging and lag switches. We all know Halo 3 was the worst about the lag switches. Anyone that has played it has come across it. It sucks. I quit playing because of the cheating, oh and the males on there. I have never come across a game that has a bigger group of jerks playing it. Anyway, he said all multiplayer games have lag (true) and all are due to lag switches (untrue).

I found found with the newer multiplayer games the lagging can be contributed to international servers. If I am in Modern Warfare 2 and some guy disappears from my screen, a quick look at his gamer profile will place him in Europe, South America or even Japan. No surprise there since you'd have to expect data lag. Easy to fix, leave after that game is over and have it find a new server for you. Same goes with many games. 99.9% of the time is an international server, the rest is someone needing to reboot their router to refresh the ISP.

This kid, in my own home, told me I was wrong because he has seen lag. Yes you have young one because there is lag. I asked him if he had bothered to research why the person was lagging, like where they were from? No, but he knows better than me because he knows. He played SOCOM on PS2. *face palm* Really? That means your psychic? Wow, I need to play that.

My husband and my 16 year old daughter told him I was right since I thought them the trick and he is still arguing with me about it with no proof on his side. Yes, I am sure lag switching does happen but not to the extent it does on Bungie's servers and if you can't be bothered to see if you ended up on a London server, just stop arguing. I know I am female and I have a vagina but that does not make me an idiot. I've been playing longer than you've been alive.

Okay rant over.

So they have released DLC for Bioshock 2 multiplayer, or should I say they are allowing you the right to purchase a key and unlock it since it's already there. Needless to say people are angry and rightly so. Not because the data was there but because it really doesn't do anything to change or improve multiplayer. I'd would have liked to have seen new maps or something. Not weapon upgrades and masks. I don't even care about the 2 new characters. I'll skip this for now.

Modern Warfare 2 will not be getting my hard earned money anytime soon either. Sorry but I don't want to pay $15 for 3 new maps, 2 recycled maps and a game that is so riddled with flaws and holes that it takes the fun out of it. Too spendy for a company that has failed epically this time around. Fix the issues and we'll talk about my cash.

I did download the free DLC for Mass Effect 2 but have been too bust to play it. I had some doctors appointments, sorry, don't hate me. It's all a part of being pregnant. I don't like it much either but I have to be healthy. I did peek at the hover tank and I like it. It also appears there might be some more DLC for the tank in the future. I am just lead to believe it though I could be wrong. Next week it's rumored Kasumi DLC will be out for purchase and yes, Bioware will be getting my money for that. I will gladly fork over the dough. This is a great game and they listen to their players, no matter how misguided we are. They have hinted at more "premium" DLC in the future and I can't wait.

I still can't find my second Mass Effect book. I need to go buy another copy today so I can actually read it. The third book is due out in July too. *grin*

So to all the young know-it-alls, listen to your elders even if we are female, we might actually know something you don't. Shut up, listen and learn. Maybe if you did my daughter wouldn't have dumped you. Just saying...

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