Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Kaiden, you broke my heart!

After picking up the Krogan (Grunt) listed on my dossier missions, I went to Horizon and have my first run in with the Collectors, this game's bad guys. Who do I run into? Kaiden Alenko, my romance from Mass Effect. After a caring hug he lets it be known he is very angry at me for being alive and not contacting him in 2 years. He won't even join my crew. *sad face* I actually felt really bad for Alenko and my character. I'd love to see a way to repair their relationship in Mass Effect 3.

I also did Zaeed's mission. Apparently there is a big discussion on whether or not this can be done through the paragon side. Well folks, it can. I am not sure why I managed to get save the refinery works and get his loyalty since Santiago got away but I did. Now my husband tried it and it wouldn't give it to him until he ran through the mission a second time and let all the workers die. I am thinking it has to do with the paragon to renegade point ratio. We had almost equal amounts of paragon points but he had more renegade points than me. At any rate, choose your words carefully.

Took a trip to the Citadel too. Picked up food supplies for the cook on my ship and bought fish. You can also complete a side mission. Just look for the two talking Krogans and eavesdrop. You'll get it then. Another person you run into is that annoying reporter from Mass Effect. Not Emily Wong, I liked her, the other one that tried to make you look bad. Pay attention to the instant paragon/renegade control options. They flash up as a RT or LT option. If you want to punch her in the face, go for the RT option that pops up. It really is satisfying. If you don't want to, just ignore the option and it will go away.

There is lots to buy on the Citadel and you'll get to fight with the Council, yet again. I should have let them all die in the first one. They are really getting on my nerves.

I ran and picked up Jack too. Now she's a scary one! Completely out of control. Go talk to Kelly, your Yeoman, she'll tell you Jack has "deep seated emotional problems." Well thank you Cpt Obvious! Jack has some really cool tattoos but I want to know how she runs around like that with only a strap covering her breasts.

Now I am off to do Jacob's mission. I don't think I mentioned him yet. You meet him at the very beginning. He works for Cerberus, along with Miranda who you also get at the beginning, and is part of your crew. I should also mention that the Illusive Man, voiced by the talented Martin Sheen, is the man running the show. I have no idea what his agenda or story is.

Off to explore the planet of people with decayed minds! I'm out!

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