Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy day, sorry...

I had to drive out to Pittsburgh today so I am getting a late blogging start. What can I say? It's a long boring drive complete with buffalo.

Anyway, I have been watching more of the GDC and this year seems to be focusing on app style games. *yawn* Sorry folks, I know you love your iPhones and iPod Touches but I don't like playing games on them. It's awkward and you just don't "get into" the game the same way you do on a console or computer. I am very disappointed. Oh well.

At any rate, I guess you app lovers are getting a Street Fighter game. This game was cool when it came out in the arcades way back when but I lost interest several versions ago. I am just not a button masher.

I started Dead Space last night out curiosity. Now the husband had borrowed this for the PS3 but returned it before I even had a chance to play it. Now it mysteriously showed up in my house for the 360 and I figured I had better play it before it vanished again.

Now people have lauded this as the scariest game ever. I'll disagree there. In my opinion, Fatal Frame was. That game scared the crap out of me. Try picturing a grown woman only playing the game when the house was fully lit and with other people home. Yes, it's that scary. I played Fatal Frame 2 and I guess there was a Fatal Frame 3 though I didn't hear about that one.

Sorry I went on a tangent there. Anyway Dead Space does high a high freaky factor. There are a couple of free add-ons you can download for the PS3 and 360 like a suit and gun. There are a tone of gun and suit upgrades you can purchase too though I only took the free ones. I am cheap, what can I say. I also watched the "comic" series they did before the game's release. Now that was way cool. It gives you the back story about what is going on and it was well written. I recommend watching it. It was free on PS3 and I believe it's free on Xbox too.

Shooting the weird creatures that pop out at you can be difficult. You can't shoot them in the head or body, you have to dismember them, limb by limb. Some of them only have 3 limbs and you'll need to take out two so that can be hard. Then there are the ones that fall out of the ceiling. They nailed the creepy noises and sense of isolation pretty well. The lighting also contributes to the eerie sensation when playing. All and all, very entertaining so far.

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