Monday, March 8, 2010

Poor James Cameron

I know that isn't a gaming title but that is what I did last night rather than game. Yes, I watched the Oscars and critiqued dresses. I am female after all.

King James Cameron could not get the 2 coveted titles, Best Picture and Best Director, with Avatar. He was beat by his ex wife in both categories. That had to sting. Now I have to rent The Hurt Locker because it looks fantastic.

Okay onto the gaming world: I can't remember if I mentioned this or not but it is BIG news in the gaming world, the heads of Infinity Ward were fired by Activision and IW will no longer be doing Call of Duty games. Treyarch will be releasing a Call of Duty title this year and is rumored to be Vietnam based. That has me a bit worried since there has never been a Vietnam War based game that has done well. Probably because we lost. If anyone can pull it off Treyarch can. I wonder if we'll get Asian zombies? Just kidding.

Sledgehammer will release a Call of Duty title in 2011 that will be "action adventure" based and not first person shooter. The heads of Sledgehammer created Dead Space so there hope it will be good. I think Call of Duty needs a change anyway and action adventure isn't a terrible thing. Maybe it will be like Uncharted and Uncharted 2, which are amazing games and if you own a PS3 they are a must buy.

In other news, the more I see of Heavy Rain, the more I have to buy it. Maybe this weekend. Hubby is getting 2 bonuses so we can afford to pick it up. My PS3 might not get the use my Xbox 360 does but the games I do buy for it are always the cream of the crop and it plays Blu-ray.

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