Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bad Company 2....played way too long today

So I was convinced by the spouse to start playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 today since he went to the store at midnight to get it for me. Big mistake! I played for nearly 8 hours, spread around. This game is so much fun. The Hard mode isn't so hard you'll want to chuck your controller through your TV (yes I am looking at you Broadcast on Modern Warfare 2 and Mile High Club) but is challenging for even someone like me that plays a lot of first person shooters.

This is not the campaign long stand-up routine of Battlefield Bad Company. It is more refined and more adventure like. It is more linear but not in a bad way. You don't find yourself wandering aimlessly trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing next. The story is more cohesive and not disjointed the the first installment. All and all, a great campaign. The added bonus is your squad is the original characters from Bad Company. Always nice for consistency.

I haven't delved into the multiplayer beyond the demo that was released. There are some interesting achievements like "The Dentist." To get that you have to get a head shot kill with a repair tool. Now that should be a challenge. Hopefully, with the varied maps and game modes, it won't seem as lopsided as the demo was. Battlefield 1943 was a great multiplayer only game and hopefully they took their cues from it.

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