Monday, March 22, 2010

M1A1 Garand!

Yay! I got it this weekend on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and It's nice to use. I need a scope for it though. I did notice that the stats page on their game menu is odd. I have had the defib pads unlocked all weekend but last night it told me I just unlocked them? Really? Hmmmmm. Oh and can I tell you how satisfying it is to sneak up behind an enemy and zap them with those pads? I love the way they just sort of get stiff and fall over. Totally fun and makes me giggle like a mad woman.

I still love me the UAV copter. I love taking out the big copters with it and I totally love the anti-tank mines (on the right map). Spent a good portion of the weekend making enemy tanks randomly blow up. *grin*

I still don't have Battlefield 1943 listed in my game because they haven't fixed that issue yet. Soon hopefully.

I did manage to use a Dr. Pepper code and get that last visor for Mass Effect 2 I wanted and rumor has it the new DLC missions will be out tomorrow. That is what I have been waiting for. I have been stalling playing because I wanted those missions first. I have decided I need to play Mass Effect again in renegade mode and then play Mass Effect 2 to see the differences. I can't help it. I love this series.

Rumor has Gears of War 3 coming out next year. Looking forward to Fable 3 this holiday season and I am going to be broke because there are so many games coming out I have been dying for.

I need to send hubby out for the April GameInformer since we didn't get it.

I finished reading the first Mass Effect book. If you have played the game or are planning on it, read this book. It totally leads into the game and it was fantastic having a back story. It's a decent book too.

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