Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mass Effect 2 DLC

The Firewalker DLC for Mass Effect is being released today, for free with activated Cerberus accounts. I am so excited but guess what? Xbox Live is down. I was in the middle of transferring my gamertag from the secondary console to the main on in my house and Xbox.com sign in died. So now my gamertag is floating somewhere in the ether, in limbo, and I can't do anything.

Mass Effect 2 will also have "premium" DLC available next month for 560 Microsoft points. It will contain a new character, the thief Kasumi, a new loyalty mission and a new achievement.

Dr. Pepper still hasn't fixed their website to include the Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC with their cap codes. I am sitting on caps waiting. They need to hurry that up!

So Michael Ironside plays Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. He pops up in the oddest places doesn't he? All these years and I never noticed it was him. Michael Dorn cameos in Mass Effect 2 too. Well, Worf playing a Krogan isn't much of a stretch.
Anyway, the new Splinter Cell looks pretty sweet, more my style. I never thought much about the other versions.

I was going to start the second Mass Effect book but it has mysteriously disappeared. I put it in a place I knew I could find it and of course, it's not there. God forbid my family should just not touch stuff. I ended up having to read about Marie Antoinette being beheaded. Don't get me wrong, I love non-fiction and history books but I was in the mood for light reading.

I didn't play any games at all yesterday because I was working. It'll probably be the same thing today too since I don't even have access to my gamertag anyway. *grumble*

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