Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Okay I lied...

I fixed my internet myself this morning and yes, it was something stupid.

Anyway, the Game Developers Conference(GDC)started today and I will update this with any interest news that comes out of it.

Palm announced a new developers WebOS called PDK and 12 new games.

A new Battlestar Galactica MMO has been announced as well. Not sure about this one. I mean, let's face it, Star Trek MMO was a total flop as many MMOs are.

New game called Power Gig: Rise of the SixString for those Guitar Hero junkies. This will use real, stringed guitars and not plastic guitar-like controllers. Interesting and I am sure a hell of a learning curve.

True Crime from Activision is due out this Fall and people got a peek at it. I hope gamers will too and soon.

For you old school side scroller lovers, "Shank" is coming out. It'll be released on PSN, Xbox Arcade and PC. Supposed to be a little like Metal Slug.

Valve will be releasing it's Steam gaming service to Mac users. Now there is some good news! I am sure you are saying it's about time. This should go into effect in April.

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