Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Battleship movie?

Honestly, they can't really be serious about a Battleship movie, can they? I mean the video game movie adaptations are bad enough but now Hollywood is branching out to board games! What is going to be next? Chutes and Ladders? The Horrors of Life? Monopoly? O.M.G! This has got to be the single worst idea I have heard in a long while, aside from the Breakfast Club Zombie movie. *yes that happened*

At any rate, I did try out "Onslaught" on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I like it. I need to try out the hardcore mode now but I need to get a good team together first.

Harry Potter Lego is coming along. Man it is a long game with HUGE environments. Great family game and I approve.

Tried out Medal Of Honor Tier One beta and though it is buggy, it will turn out to be a great multiplayer game. It looks great but I wish it was easier to identify teammates so you aren't randomly shooting them. I already pre-ordered and paid for it. Now I have about 5 more games to do this for.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hee hee *evil grin*

After having family, my mom, here for 2 weeks I needed to blow off some steam. I logged into Battlefield Bad Company 2 and saw a buddy of mine playing. I joined his game and ended up on the opposite team.

Now let me just say that there is nothing better than sneaking into a game and blowing a friend out of the sky while they are flying a helicopter. Especially when you get an achievement for it too. Chris, you know I luv ya!

I downloaded 'Onslaught' but I haven't checked it out yet. Mom leaves today to go home and I am $300 short on my paycheck. *sigh*

Friday, July 9, 2010

Harry Potter.....stuff

Harry Potter Lego? Very fun but very, very involved. Definitely one of the most complicated and in depth Lego games to date. I am really enjoying it and so is my non-gamer daughter.

I really recommend picking this one up. I haven't even gotten through the 2nd year yet much less getting anywhere near 100% completion on any level.

Harry Potter Blu-rays, a minor rant. I bought the very cool Harry Potter Blu-ray set that came in a "trunk" and all the dics' covers looked like school books. It did not include movie #6 since it wasn't out yet. Now it has been released and they didn't even bother to release one with a cover that would match this set. Hell, even Star Trek (original cast) managed to release VHS sets with covers that went together. I am a little irritated because it would have been much cooler had they done that.