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Friday, July 9, 2010

Harry Potter.....stuff

Harry Potter Lego? Very fun but very, very involved. Definitely one of the most complicated and in depth Lego games to date. I am really enjoying it and so is my non-gamer daughter.

I really recommend picking this one up. I haven't even gotten through the 2nd year yet much less getting anywhere near 100% completion on any level.

Harry Potter Blu-rays, a minor rant. I bought the very cool Harry Potter Blu-ray set that came in a "trunk" and all the dics' covers looked like school books. It did not include movie #6 since it wasn't out yet. Now it has been released and they didn't even bother to release one with a cover that would match this set. Hell, even Star Trek (original cast) managed to release VHS sets with covers that went together. I am a little irritated because it would have been much cooler had they done that.

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