Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fable 3

I played this all day yesterday. Game is a whole lot of fun. I like the graphics, way to step it up, and the environments are beautiful. I am really going to enjoy this. Nothing better than Simon Pegg and John Cleese either. I like the new way to change clothes and weapons in your 'Sanctuary.'

One beef, there are definitely some unfinished aspects and programming errors. I was forced to restart a game because there was a dialogue error. Nothing I did would force the next speech, that would allow me to continue my game. Not even going back to the previous save point. That was aggravating.

The upside, if you still have your Fable 2 game save on your HDD this game will 'peek' at it and see what gender you were. I tested it out. I started my first game as a save on my flash drive, it told me my father was a great hero. I restarted it on the HDD with my Fable 2 game and it told me my mother was a great hero. Nifty!

Some of my friends have pretty much plowed through the main storyline (as far as becoming ruler at any rate) in a day but there seems to be much more after that. I haven't gotten that far yet. I am a much more meticulous player and will go through every little thing I can before I continue.

Oh and one more beef, I don't know that I like the way the expressions work. I do like the fact it's a push of the button to do one, I don't like the fact I can't pick which one I want, or at least I haven't figured out how. When you choose to interact with an NPC, it appears to just randomly choose a good and bad expression. You just decide which. The dancing one is a bit awkward but funny. You have to hold the hands of the NPCs for escort missions, which can look ridiculous also.

You can get married to your Xbox Live friends and have a family with them. Neat little twist. PLus you can go into 'partnerships' with them too. I haven't gotten that far yet either.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Tier 1 has gotten a lot of flack because it's not Call of Duty but I will say it's a pretty decent game. The campaign is fun, as long as you don't have the set of backseat gamers behind you like I do. The multiplayer is very cool and you will have to use some skill. This is no run-and-gun like Call of Duty. It is a good blend of Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Now the beefs: It doesn't seem finished. There are areas on the game where the graphics are gorgeous, well rendered and have perfect texture. Then you'll find areas that seem pixelated and choppy like someone forgot to come back and clean it up.

You will find some glitchy areas in the campaign too so I hear though I haven't had it yet. My husband says he has has the AI go dumb on him a few times and just stand next to an enemy. Overall though, good story and fun campaign. People say it's about a 6 hour campaign which is disappointing to me.

Next week Fallout New Vegas releases but I won't be playing that until after Christmas since it's a present for the husband. Week after that Fable 3 comes out. I already have it paid for and can't wait to get it.

A friend also sent me Dragon Age: Origins so I'll have to start that too plus finish Fallout 3. I really wish I could get paid to play and review these games like this. It would free up so much more time for me to actually play. *lol*
I need more time to play.

Oh and for anyone thinking about buying Dragon Age Origins, the Ultimate Edition releases October 26th so you might want to wait. It'll be $60 and come with all the DLC and expansion. That is $85, round about, of DLC. I figured it out.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fable III controller

I picked my Fable III controller up today and it's pretty! I love the tattoo design on it. I have noticed all the new controllers have a chrome center button now. It's shiner than the old silver button.

I loaded my free tattoo code that came with it as well. Of course I can't see that for a couple of more weeks, when Fable III comes out.

Medal of Honor in about 5 days too.