Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things are getting busy around here

My son had his 13th birthday party over the weekend and he managed to get Dead Space 2 and Little Big Planet 2. Guess what I will be playing very shortly. Go on guess.

I did notice everything you had from Little Big Planet transferred to LBP 2.

Dragon Age 2 comes out next week and I already have it ordered. I won't be picking it up the day it's released but I will grab it that Thursday when I have time.

Lego Star Wars 3 Clone Wars comes out in March too but I am going to hold out on that one for a bit. I would much rather get Lego Pirates of the Caribbean in May. *grin*

I downloaded Bejeweled Blitz on Xbox Arcade. I already pay this on Facebook and I am happy with the new incarnation on XBL. The twist version is hard. I have trouble getting the gems to twist the way I intend them too. User error totally. I like the battle mode too. I won all but one game so far. Each match is 1 minute so you aren't dedicating too much of your time to a battle.

I also played Red Faction Guerilla and what an odd game. I can't decide if it's good or not. It's an interesting premise but it is a bit repetitive. Not sure being able to hammer crap is going to make it hold up. Multiplayer is fun to watch though I haven't joined a game yet. I like the fact I can spectate a game. Wrecking Crew is a good way to just wreck things and see how many points you can get plus you can try out different weapons.

The worst game I have heard about to date is Two Worlds 2. I haven't played it personally and had no intention of playing but 2 people I know played it. One bought it new and returned it the same day. He said it was the single worst game he has ever tried, and he played Army of Two. The other one borrowed it from a friend, played for an hour and promptly gave it back to said friend with the same complaint. Terrible, horrific game that no one should waste money on.

I want to grab Bulletstorm at some point too. The demo is fun but it's just your basic kill and maul game. It can wait until I can get it on the cheap.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Island and Stacking

The interwebs are abuzz with the trailer for this game. It was dropped into our laps today.

All I can say is this: This has got to be one of the most brilliant and genius game trailers ever!

Honestly, the trailer is truly epic. It will actually illicit an emotional response of some sort. Personally, I felt terrible for the father and the family in general. I'd love to know what piece of music is playing in this trailer too, so feel free to tell me if you know.

Here's what I know: FPS melee combat with RPG character customization and elements, free-roaming tropical island resort and we've been waiting for this game since 2008 when it was originally supposed to be released.

I can't wait to see actual game play but as of right now and I am hoping for this to be story driven and not just a run and gun like Left 4 Dead.

Okay, now on to Stacking. This is a fun little Xbox Arcade game I downloaded. I beat it in a couple of days but it's well done, well designed and the artwork is fantastic. You are a Russian nesting doll, in fact the whole world is. You are trying to rescue your family and you do this by solving puzzles. This will require you to stack into other dolls and use their abilities. The humor is solid and each puzzle has multiple ways you can solve it. That's awesome because it allows mental creativity. The whole family can play this and I highly recommend it.

Now I am off to dream about Dead Island...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Call of Duty First Strike

The new maps are out and I have spent some time with them. They are fun and a must buy.

Treyarch did not disappoint! The maps are more "interactive", have more ins and outs and unexpected turns. It will take some patience and skill to learn them all. Kowloon is all rooftops and upper buildings. There are zip lines, that will probably get you killed if you use them but they are fun and you can easily fall off a building if you aren't careful. The main objective of most teams seems to be to control the higher middle ground.

Berlin Wall is pretty easy to understand. There is a middle red area, no man's land, that no one can go into lest they are killed by auto-turrets. Ghost Pro will not help you either. Buildings are on each side of this area as well as two roads. There are pass-through paths you can use to cross no man's land. People seem to like the one two story building that has an open all to the no man's land area. Watch your corners, camping is common.

Discovery is probably one of my favorites. All snow and go. There are buildings, collapsible snow walkways and a snow cave. Lots of sniping but not impossible to flank those snipers. You can collapse the snow bridges with C4 or bullets.

Last is Stadium. This is a small map with 3 main buildings. Two have balconies people like to snipe from and the other is the stadium's scaffolding. Most people tend to stick to the 2 buildings. There is a smallish building that has a sniper point on top but it's easy to get killed up there.

Now for the zombie map, Ascension. This map is HUGE and I haven't seen it all yet, I don't think. I have seen a couple of new things like one perk were if you jump down from a high point, you create an explosion. I also got the Gersch device from the random box. That was fun. You set it and it creates a black hole that sucks in all the zombies. Apparently, if you ride all 3 landers, the rocket takes off and exposes the pack-a-punch machine. Then there are 3 teddies to find and play a new song. There are the Russian nesting dolls that represent the 4 zombie fighters and someone said there are talking dolls...I can't confirm that. The map is so big, it boggles the mind.

There are monkeys, angry space monkeys. The monkeys take the place of the Demon Dogs and not only will they explode by you, they will destroy the perks machines and thereby render the perks useless, even if you bought it. Do not throw grenades ate them, they will toss them back.

I plan on getting back on today and checking it out some more. Made it to level 13 so far. Oh and it's double experience point weekend this coming weekend so prestige and get busy!

My new favorite site

A friend tweeted about this site and I had to check it out and I can say, I LOVE it.

Here is the site: and they showcase all those lovely messages that people get on Xbox, especially the girls.

I hope they stick around for awhile because I can't wait to see what comes up next.