Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things are getting busy around here

My son had his 13th birthday party over the weekend and he managed to get Dead Space 2 and Little Big Planet 2. Guess what I will be playing very shortly. Go on guess.

I did notice everything you had from Little Big Planet transferred to LBP 2.

Dragon Age 2 comes out next week and I already have it ordered. I won't be picking it up the day it's released but I will grab it that Thursday when I have time.

Lego Star Wars 3 Clone Wars comes out in March too but I am going to hold out on that one for a bit. I would much rather get Lego Pirates of the Caribbean in May. *grin*

I downloaded Bejeweled Blitz on Xbox Arcade. I already pay this on Facebook and I am happy with the new incarnation on XBL. The twist version is hard. I have trouble getting the gems to twist the way I intend them too. User error totally. I like the battle mode too. I won all but one game so far. Each match is 1 minute so you aren't dedicating too much of your time to a battle.

I also played Red Faction Guerilla and what an odd game. I can't decide if it's good or not. It's an interesting premise but it is a bit repetitive. Not sure being able to hammer crap is going to make it hold up. Multiplayer is fun to watch though I haven't joined a game yet. I like the fact I can spectate a game. Wrecking Crew is a good way to just wreck things and see how many points you can get plus you can try out different weapons.

The worst game I have heard about to date is Two Worlds 2. I haven't played it personally and had no intention of playing but 2 people I know played it. One bought it new and returned it the same day. He said it was the single worst game he has ever tried, and he played Army of Two. The other one borrowed it from a friend, played for an hour and promptly gave it back to said friend with the same complaint. Terrible, horrific game that no one should waste money on.

I want to grab Bulletstorm at some point too. The demo is fun but it's just your basic kill and maul game. It can wait until I can get it on the cheap.

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