Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Island and Stacking

The interwebs are abuzz with the trailer for this game. It was dropped into our laps today.

All I can say is this: This has got to be one of the most brilliant and genius game trailers ever!

Honestly, the trailer is truly epic. It will actually illicit an emotional response of some sort. Personally, I felt terrible for the father and the family in general. I'd love to know what piece of music is playing in this trailer too, so feel free to tell me if you know.

Here's what I know: FPS melee combat with RPG character customization and elements, free-roaming tropical island resort and we've been waiting for this game since 2008 when it was originally supposed to be released.

I can't wait to see actual game play but as of right now and I am hoping for this to be story driven and not just a run and gun like Left 4 Dead.

Okay, now on to Stacking. This is a fun little Xbox Arcade game I downloaded. I beat it in a couple of days but it's well done, well designed and the artwork is fantastic. You are a Russian nesting doll, in fact the whole world is. You are trying to rescue your family and you do this by solving puzzles. This will require you to stack into other dolls and use their abilities. The humor is solid and each puzzle has multiple ways you can solve it. That's awesome because it allows mental creativity. The whole family can play this and I highly recommend it.

Now I am off to dream about Dead Island...

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