Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DICE, great job!

I got to play more Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer yesterday and let me just say that DICE did a great job. I am enjoying the game plus even if it seems like I am dying a lot, I don't get frustrated with it. It's still fun.

I tried all the game modes and I'd have to say that Squad Rush is probably my least favorite. The odds are with the attackers not the defenders. Basically you have a "squad" of 4 players against another squad of 4. There is one MCOMM station the attackers must get to and blow up. If they succeed it falls back to another point and it all starts over. After playing a few rounds it was glaringly apparent that the attackers have the advantage. Basically, if you are capturing the MCOMM, you are almost guaranteed to win. *shrugs* The general Rush mode is better since you have about 12 people attacking and 12 defending. You get better odds of winning a round on either side.

Conquest is your basic capture the flag mode. The round I played had 5 flag points. Both teams start with a certain number of points and how quickly the points countdown depends on how many flags your team has. More flags means slower countdown rate. First team that hits zero, loses.

Squad Deathmatch is a harder mode to win but My friend, Chris, and I got into a squad with another guy and between the 3 of us, we dominated several rounds. There are 4 teams of 4 and you need your squad to have the highest number of kills. It's harder to stay alive since you have 12 people trying to kill you. *lol*

Infinity Ward can't even touch the fun and great design DICE pulled out. Let's hope Treyarch can put some life back into the Call of Duty series because as of right now, I am seriously considering selling my 2 copies of Modern Warfare 2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and buying a second copy of Battlefield.

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