Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soooo tired

Hubby went and grabbed his stepdad's copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 so we could play together. His stepdad is a trucker so isn't home right now. Anyway, we shouldn't be allowed to play together because we stayed up entirely too late. We were having a great time playing with some friends. I did manage a few "dirty" kills, like getting the achievement for running someone over with a helicopter. Yes, I swooped down and ran them over. *hee hee*

The more I play it the more I like it. I will say getting the pins and awards is more satisfying than the call signs on Modern Warfare 2. Plus you can get more than one of each and it keeps tabs of how many you have earned and why you got them. Weapon unlocks are great too. You unlock scopes as a separate perk so once it's unlocked, you can use it for ANY gun you have unlocked. You don't have to go to each gun and work on it until you unlock a scope like you do in Modern Warfare. It's a pile of awesomeness!

Today will be a day of working and cooking. Plus a trip to the airport to pick up the oldest.

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