Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Garrus, you sexy beast!

Once the family got home and I got dinner made, hubby took over Battlefield Bad Company 2. I wandered upstairs to work and ended up playing some Mass Effect 2 since no one was playing it.

In the Mass Effect games you get to have "romance" subplots. In the first Mass Effect, I romanced Kaiden Alenko. In Mass Effect 2 I have my choice of Jacob, Thane or Garrus. Everyone gets to hang out with Kelly and she'll feed your fish while you are gone if you do.

Anyway, I decided why not try a little alien romance this time and since Garrus was with me through the first game, why not him? The conversation between (female) Shepard and Garrus is hysterical when done in the romance direction. Best pick up line ever, "why don't we test your reach and my flexibility." Oh Shepard, you just get to the point don't you?

I cannot wait to see what happens. I have heard rumor he actually beings wine. That alone raises him up in the sexy department.

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