Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the Xbox saga

There are 3 Xbox 360s in my house and only 1 really works well. My Elite, which is the main household console, just hates reading disks and we always have to install the games onto the hard drive.

Last night, at midnight, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released. I already had this on pre-order because even though the first one was mediocre, I enjoyed the scripting and humor of it. I read the reviews of this one which were glowing and decided to go ahead and pick it up.

It came with a couple of codes for pre-ordering and heaven forbid they should be regular Microsoft codes. Nope, have to have the game in and started first. I have no spent part of my morning fighting with the Elite. Begging, threatening and praying it'll read the disk long enough for me to install it. Why don't I just use the 1 working Xbox you ask? Well, since these codes only for everyone that is playing on the FIRST console they are downloaded, it has to be the Elite. The Elite is the "family" console. The working one is in my room. I don't want every kid in the neighborhood in my room. It's only an Arcade with a 20GB hard drive popped in it.

I need to mail the 2 broken ones in for repair. This will the second time one of them will have gone in and the first for the Elite. I love my Xbox but let me say this, my PS3 is made better and is a better system. Too bad the multiplayer isn't as smooth as Xbox's.

Back to Mass Effect 2: I got in about an hour or two of gaming before I had to go to work. I didn't do anything special. I did complete Jacob's mission and gained his loyalty. Jacob has some serious parental issues. Then it was on to planet scanning. *yawn*

I was pondering my crew that I have so far and they are a motley group of characters that Freud would have loved. Mass Effect 2 really is a fantastic game. So good, in fact, I have to fight with 2 of my kids and my husband to get my chance to play it lately.

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