Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mass Effect 2

The game I am currently obsessing over is Mass Effect 2. Way to go BioWare! You've done it again. I was really angry when I went to import my Mass Effect 1 character and found my save corrupted. So rather than start Mass Effect 2, I restarted Mass Effect. I am really glad I did. Sure it was a lot of work but the wonderful nuances that come from having that ME import is totally worth it. I even had a picture of Kaiden Alenko on my desk in ME 2 because he was a romance in ME 1. Awesome!

Now don't get me wrong, this game isn't perfect. I really do miss having the Mako to drive around in while I survey planets and I cannot stand scanning planets now. Yes, I know they changed this because people were whining about how hard it was to drive the Mako. Honestly, I really didn't have any trouble and doing barrel rolls off of mountains was fun. Maybe I have just had my driver's license longer than some players. The scanning is now monotonous and quite frankly, takes me away from the experience of the game while I gather elements for upgrades. I would have been happy if they broke it up with some on planet surveying in a vehicle but no, now it's a scanner and running over a planet section by section until you see the word "depleted" on it. Al Gore is going to love this game. *lol* Add to that the annoyance of having to buy fuel and probes to actually be able to get to the planets and then gather the elements. Again, wouldn't be so bad but there were only a few fuel stations where you can buy these items and then you have to waste fuel going back and forth to get probes. Not the best idea but certainly not the worst.

At any rate, the combat system is much better. Yes, people are whining about actually having guns that run out of ammo but hey, at least your weapon is no longer overheating and not workable. That used to bug me. You'd be in the middle of a fire fight and your gun would overheat, freezing up. Sure once you got further along in Mass Effect you could get material to keep it from overheating but still, the early play was a pain. I am glad to pick up ammo from the dead and carry on.
I played as a Paragon Soldier in Mass Effect 1 and I am playing as a Paragon Infiltrator in Mass Effect 2. I will be sure to fill everyone in on where I am at and what I am doing. I haven't played an incredibly long time yet so I'll catch everyone up tomorrow. Tune in!

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