Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Kasumi

The Kasumi DLC is supposed to be released today for Mass Effect 2. I keep checking but it's not up yet. I am not being very patient but can anyone blame me? A new crew member and I want to finish up the storyline. I've been holding off, waiting to add her to my crew.

I haven't been on playing much, I am sorry. I have been so busy. I did download one of the Wallace and Gromit games from the XBL marketplace. I played about 5 minutes of it and realized it's not an easy game to play. I'll have to wait until I can give it my undivided attention.

I still haven't bothered with the Modern Warfare 2 map pack. The husband wants it so I'll have to break down and get it eventually but I am still torqued I have to buy two maps I already purchased with Modern Warfare.

Microsoft released and update today for the Xbox 360. It is supposed to be the USB memory update that will allow people to use USB drives as memory cards, if I understand it correctly. Well gee, it's about time. Sony and Nintendo have already had that or something similar with SD cards. It does always seem Microsoft is running behind on things sometimes. They do have the best online voice communication but...

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