Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mass Effect 2, I shall miss you

I finished the game today. I picked up the Kasumi DLC late last night and decided to go ahead and finish today. I managed to survive the suicide mission, bring back my entire crew and hit level 30. *woohoo* Massive achievement points. I am only missing 4 achievements now.

Game was fantastic. I opted to continue with this game rather than restarting a new one because rumor has it there will be more DLC. I'd rather use the same game and maybe earn enough cash for the last few upgrades I need.

The Kasumi DLC is worth the 560 points (Infinity Ward needs to make a note of the price). I was tickled to see my female Shepard all dressed up in heels and everything. It's a nice change from armor and tomboy wear. Kasumi is upbeat and I like her personality plus she gets a bar in her room on the Normandy. I recommend mixing the 2 beverages available before drinking for a really fun woozy time.

I will now be forced to finish Dead Space so I can get my Left 4 Dead 2 back. I need to complete the campaign on it before the L4D DLC comes out.

I will be playing Mass Effect 1 again and then moving onto Mass Effect 2. I am even toying with the "Insanity" mode.

I want Mass Effect 3....NOW! *stomps foot*

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