Friday, April 16, 2010


I was just reading the article in GameInformer they did with DICE. I am even more impressed with how customer driven this company really is.

I am active on their forums and they really do post to them and read them. They listen to peoples complaints, legitimate or just plain old whining. They address issues and try to improve experiences. If they don't change something, they explain why they aren't and usually, it's a good reason. I shall stick with them on future games as well. I have now played 3 and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Infinity Ward, what are we going to do with you? You've lost 6 rats off the sinking ship. You dropped the ball on what should have been a much better game. You ignored your customer base, took out party chat and are now subjecting people to abuse from some of your younger male consumers abuse. Then you haul off and charge $15 for a map pack that includes 2 maps people who owned Call of Duty 4 already bought. Now you are trying to sue and saying you didn't want to do COD games but through the other side of your mouth you are saying you wanted complete control and ownership of any COD titles in the future that are post Vietnam. Wow.

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