Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gaming how I miss you...

I have been so busy with work and getting ready for the baby, I haven't had time to game at all. Aside from the fact I haven't really seen a game that is screaming "buy me, play me."

I am watching the husband play Modern Warfare 2 on hardcore. Team killing seems like the new hobby on that game. After several games I have seen a trend of one person running around and killing their own teammates. The guy that was negative 800 so far was my favorite.

Maybe someone can explain to me what the appeal of killing your own team is. I didn't understand it in Modern Warfare nor World at War. Accidental team killing is one thing. Hell I've done that. This is purposeful. Seems like a huge waste of energy and ammo to me.

So I have Red Faction sitting here. Should I start it or should I go back to Mass Effect and see about getting the 60 achievement and play it on Insane as a biotic? Though I am not sure my blood pressure could take that. *lol* I could also go back to Mass Effect 2 and play on Insane.

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