Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Double dipping my wallet? Shame on you Activision!

I just read an article that confirms that Activision is going to offer a 'subscription based service' for Call of Duty called 'Elite.' Details are sketchy on exactly what you will get if you are Elite but they murmured something about map packs and extras.

So let me get this straight...if you are a Modern Warfare 3 player on the Xbox Live service, you not only get to pay for Xbox Live but now you get to pay for Elite too if you want access to maps and better weapons? Seriously? This also seems to mean that if you do not pay for the Elite service you will be handicapped in the game by your inferior weapons and load out options. So basically, pay or be completely annihilated until you finally get a decent load out but you still can't have the other maps. PS3 users won't feel the pain as much since the PSN is free and it should be back up by the November release. (I still love you Sony)

Of course Activision is quick to point out that multiplayer will still be free. Wow. Just wow. They haven't said how much it will cost but hey, will it really be worth it to pay $60 a yr for XBL and then this monthly fee? They aren't "worried about a pushback from gamers." They should be.

I was on the fence about buying this game as it was, now I am thinking I am definitely going to skip this mess. Let me recommend Battlefield 3 as an option. The Battlefield games are pretty solid and tons of fun to play. Oh and it hasn't announced a subscription fee.

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  1. I'm sure my online play will be reduced if they introduce a subscription fee. For me its more of a nice to have, but I don't think all games need online.