Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lego Pirates! Free Alice: Madness Returns Apple app

Argghhhh matey!

I broke down and grabbed this title. I was given a very good deal so I couldn't pass it up. I even got the little Lego Captain Jack. *big cheesy, geek grin*

I had a rotten day yesterday. Basically, one of the companies I was doing work for, and blessed me with more free time, folded without notice. So I am back to the all day computer grind. Since my whole day was a bust, I decided to give Lego Pirates of the Caribbean a whirl.

Boy am I glad I did. I think this has to be one of the more entertaining Lego games to date. They did not make the story levels ridiculously long, I think they took a lesson from the Star Wars ones, but just long enough to get a feel for each story. They added harder puzzles and the ability to co-op without having to be right next to your partner at all times. No more getting stuck in place waiting for your partner. The screen with actually drop into a split screen and you and your partner can be in two different areas at once. This is completely needed to solve some of the more complex puzzles.

They managed to get Cpt. Jack's run down too. The stylized Lego humor is ever present and of course, Legos never get old. Think about how much time we all spent as kids building stuff and then breaking it apart. I know I used to tick my mom off with my Legos. I'd have them all out and she'd step on one. They don't make the gigantic boxes of various sized Legos anymore. Too bad.

You can swim underwater in this game too but there is an air limit unless you buy the "breath underwater" hat. However, be careful getting outside the safe zone. I was swallowed by a shark. Changing between characters is easier too. You don't have to sit there and hit Y (Xbox 360) until you find the character you want or be standing right next to them, you can hold down Y and use a wheel to choose the one you need. There is a new "compass" option which will show you hidden objects to find or objects you need. It's pretty sweet.

Now I admit to having a geeky love for Lego games so maybe I am biased. I do think this is completely worth owning and playing. I still haven't finished Indiana Jones 2 nor have I bought Star Wars 3 so I am not a total pushover for Lego games.

On a side note, if you are geek'd out over the Alice sequel like I am there is a free iTunes app you can get. It's an interactive story for Alice. Just search iTunes under Alice: Madness Returns and you will find it. Yes I pre-ordered this and yes, I will be getting at launch. Hopefully I will have some free time to play it.

I need a decent paying work-from-home job so if you know of any, let me know. *wry smile*

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