Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prey 2 and the rebirth of text based games

Well it is about friggin' time! Prey was an Xbox 360 release game and completely under appreciated by gamers. It was a fantastic game and I still recommend playing it to anyone that hasn't yet. For years now, I have said that Prey needed a sequel if it could be done right. The end of Prey really left you hanging.

I read GameInformer and guess what I saw, a blurb about Prey 2. This is due for release sometime in 2012, barring any delays which seem to be standard procedure nowadays. I am excited but I am also skeptical. I mean it has been years now and how is that going to effect the game development. Where exactly is the story going?

On a nostalgic note, some of the kids in my house are enthralled with Zork. Thank you Treyarch for breathing life into this type of gaming. I played Zork back when it was new. It is fantastic seeing a new generation getting as excited about a text based, as excited as I was when I first played it. It's hysterical too. Of course I had to tell them how to play it. This is a generation that is used to having pictures and they were just lost without them. They did manage to earn 344 out of 350 points. Now they are wracking their brains trying to decide what they might have missed.

I wish I could find some of the old games I played. I think they'd like them.


  1. Zork from Ork?!..I kid I kid...Zork is a great older title.

  2. Mork from Ork? I am dating myself there aren't I? LOL