Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gears of War 3 beta

I managed to get a Gears of War 3 beta code, don't ask me how because I was just as surprised as you are, and I have played around a bit with it. Let's face it, the Epic crew doesn't make beta codes as exclusive as they say they will be.

I have a couple of gripes. Shocked aren't you? First, they still haven't fixed that ever-so-annoying instant shotgun death by somersaulting. There is nothing worse than laying bullets into someone just to have the roll into you and kill you with a head shot with the shotgun. Really makes you wonder why anyone would use anything but the shotgun. It's so darn effective at close range and the lancers are so not effective at all.

Okay, gripe number 2, set spawn points. This bugs me with any multiplayer game that has it. People have already memorized where the 2 spawn points are on the maps that are available and just sit back, lobbing mortars and frag grenades into them, killing everyone just as they spawn. Sure if they get too close you will spawn at the other point but since there are only 2 points, you're pretty easy to find. Thank you Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Blacklight Tango Down for attempting to remedy this though your options are perfect yet.

I do like the progression bar for unlocks. Always nice to have it pop up to see where you are rather than having to go into a menu screen constantly to see what is left do it.

I had an okay Mother's Day and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was released yesterday, but alas, I have not picked it up yet. I have too many bills and demands on my wallet to get it. Hopefully next week. It's amazing how much money seniors in high school cost.


  1. Looking forward to what you think of lego pirates. I enjoy the lego games, but its the source content that really pulls me in.

    I've played them all to date with Indiana Jones being my least favorite, and all though I enjoyed the Pirates movies, I'm just not sold on the game versions.

  2. I am finding the Indiana Jones 2 one hard to get into. I haven't finished it. Pirates is great and they made the "puzzles" more challenging. Now for Harry Potter 2 in the winter.