Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sony's Welcome Back package is up

Sony is true to their word and have brought up the Welcome Back Package. This means 2 free PS3 games, 2 free PSP games, 30 days of Playstation Plus, 3 free movie rentals and 100 items for Playstation Home.

I admit it, I downloaded Infamous and just spent the better part of 5 hours playing it. I love it. Now I never bought it because it looked too much like other games that I didn't care for. Dang it. Now I am going to have to look into getting Infamous 2. The controls are pretty solid once I got used to the controls on PS3 as opposed to Xbox 360.

The storyline is playing out well and keeps me wanting to play to find out what exactly is going on. It took me a minute or two to figure out how the upgrades work but I have it now. The environments are rich and I don't feel like I am contained in a linear format at all. Add to all this things to collect and side missions, you get hours of gameplay.

I messed around a bit with Dead Nation as well. I like the game's simplicity. You have guns, you kill zombies and try to get to the check point. It has multiplayer but I haven't tried it yet.

Hubby has his own PSN account and downloaded the other 2 games we didn't have and it wasn't Little Big Planet. Whatever the other two were, I'll play them in the future and see if I like them. We have the PSP games too so I'll have to give those a nose. However, someone lost my PSP charger. I need to find it so I can play it. I also need some memory sticks.

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