Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Overwhelming E3

I had to get some actual work done, so I have finally finished gleaning what I wanted from E3.

The new Wii U looks interesting but it was confirmed today that it will not play DVDs nor Bluray. Nintendo has said they feel everyone has enough DVD and Bluray players so it's not needed. Frankly, they should have asked me about that. I get questions almost daily at work asking if the Wii plays DVDs or Bluray. People want one system that does it all. I own a PS3 for that reason. They should have put it in there. I know they don't want to because it'll keep the final cost down but, I still think it's a mistake.

Alice: Madness Returns released with really bad reviews about the gameplay. I didn't pick it up yet because of that. I think I'll wait a little bit and see what comes of it. I haven't heard if the story was good or not. They didn't like the graphics and game style though. Bummer.

Uncharted 3 looks epic as does Mass Effect 3. These are on my must buy list and I have money down on ME3 already. I am going to pick up the recently announced collector's edition. I could kick myself for not getting the collector's edition for ME2. If anyone has one lying around, feel free to send ti to me. You can keep the game. I want everything else, unused. *cheesy smile*

Gears of War 3 was all over the buzz of E3 and while I will get this, I am not a fan of the multiplayer so I didn't care about that. I want to play the story and see the conclusion.

Star Wars: The Old Republic looks amazing as well. I haven't been much into the Star Wars games (like Force Unleashed) but this drew my attention. I will have to watch this one closely.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim is another one that might get me to play a game I am not into. I tried to play Morrowind and Oblivion but I couldn't get into it. Maps were too large, graphics sub par and I spent most of my time wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out where the hell I was supposed to be going. Skyrim looks gorgeous. They fixed the ugly graphics and changed up the mechanics.

Still interested in Bioshock Infinite. After the disappointment that was Bioshock 2, I am looking forward to leaving Rapture.

Halo 4? Ummmm yeah. 343i is putting this next Halo game together and the fanboys are dancing with glee. I think I'll take a pass on this one. I wasn't impressed with Reach, I know that's blasphemy, but I wasn't. It just seemed like a retooling of Halo 3. ODST was fine but not what I was expecting. Graphics weren't that great. Now Bungie isn't even doing it and I have no interest.

Speaking of Bungie, they have a new super secret something called Bungie Aerospace. They haven't said what it is but it's coming. Most think it's their new game franchise.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will be bought, even if it's just tradition to do so. I can always expect something solid from a Zelda game.

Sony Vita, the new PSP. I'll probably wait a bit on this like I did with the PSP. Nothing makes me scream I MUST HAVE IT.

I have gotten back into Borderlands. I really like the comic books graphics and I wish they'd put something out again, similar, not necessarily a sequel. I like the fact the enemies get harder as you rank up, a second playthrough mode that is on par with your skills and weapons that actually do get better with you. The characters are memorable and fun. Actually I wish they'd release a full Moxxi outfit for XBLA avatars and not just the hat. I'd so buy it.

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  1. Rowan(Ian) over a our site, he's playing Alice and enjoying it so far. He says it has it faults, but he enjoys the medium of the what the game is rather than nitpicking with what the reviewers are latching on to.

    I think its going to be enjoyable enough.