Sunday, April 10, 2011

I finished something! Costume Quest

Microsoft was having a sale on games the first week in April so I snagged Costume Quest and the DLC for it.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I finished it. You know, it's a really fun game. Totally easy and completely silly but there isn't a rule that says we can't play games just they are easy.

The premise is it's Halloween and some Grubbins kidnapped your sibling thinking they were candy because they were dressed as candy corn. I am not stating a gender because you decide if you want to play as the girl or boy and the sibling's gender changes accordingly.

You trick or treat for candy to purchase battle cards to make your costume(s) more powerful when you battle the Grubbins. You can collect treat cards too, and trade for rare cards. Then there are the bobbing for apples games. Of course, you collect costume patterns and materials to make the costumes.

Each costume has a unique ability like healing, launching missiles or creating shields. Don't let the costumes you fool you either. You might think that Robot has to be totally the best but then along comes the French Fry or Unicorn and whomps the enemies better.

You do have to be creative on which costumes and battle cards you use when fighting boss battles. The last boss in the DLC, Grubbins on IceSearch for Costume Quest, is tricky.

All and all, a fun little game that is basic mind candy but totally worth playing. The achievements are not hard to get either. Double Fine is the developer and they created Stacking and Brutal Legend so they have a good reputation for good games.


  1. I enjoy costume quest much more than I was expecting too, great game. HAven't had a chance to play the DLC.

  2. Blake: I was shocked by how much I liked it too. Sometimes arcade games can surprise and delight us.