Friday, April 22, 2011

More Portal

My last entry was so late that I just whizzed through it. At the same time, if I get into too much detail I will spoil everything for you. It's a fine line.

Some improvements over the first Portal, game length, the accuracy of the portal gun and of course graphics. You can finally shoot the gun from great distances and extremely oblique angles. Adding the gels in has added a whole new aspect to puzzle solving. The puzzles are more complicated and my family and I have found more than one way to solve some of them.

I had a peek at co-op, my son and his friend were playing it. It will definitely work your head. I actually came in and gave them a hand since they were stuck. You play co-op as two robots. You can learn ways to interact like hugging, or playing rock-paper-scissors. It's pretty entertaining.

I'd play some co-op tonight but my family gave me the night off last night to play Portal 2. Well, that means nothing got done last night because they left it all for me today. Gee, thanks.

Oh a side note, the kid I am now fostering saw Portal 2 and decided to play Portal. Now my Orange Box is making the rounds of all the teenagers' homes. I guess everyone is jumping on the GLaDOS train now.

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