Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black Ops Maps Tuesday

I am just going to come right out and say it...DANNY TREJO! OMG! Okay I am done.

Yeah, the new multiplayer maps are coming out on Tuesday and yeah, they look pretty sweet and all that but did you see the new zombie map? DID YOU?! I am so geeked about this. Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund and Micheal Rooker? Treyarch you really outdid yourself.

And to all that epic-ness you add the zombie god himself, George Romero. Trailers give the impression that you are going to fight George Romero. Lordy I hope so. On one of the trailers, the one at XBL, we noticed a zombie in a suit that looked an awful lot like McNamara once it was shot with the special gun. This makes me wonder if we are going to have zombie presidents.

Check out the Grindhouse style trailer:

Okay I'll get off the zombies now. The other 4 maps are Hotel, Zoo, Stockpile and Convoy. Now I am looking forward to checking them out, okay maybe the zombie map will be first, but I excited to have new maps to play on. These maps offer something a little new like elevators you can use and doors you can close. This should prove to be very interesting. Personally, I will be heading into a private match so I can really give the maps the once over. Maybe thrown on some combat training to get the feel for them. They will be 1200 points but at least these are, once again, 5 new maps and not new with recycled maps. Yes I am talking about you Infinity Ward.

I admit it, I can't get over the zombie map. I am going to go tweet Treyarch.

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