Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal 2, Mass Effect 3 and the video game "playground"

Portal 2 was released today and boy, am I excited. I haven't gone to pick up my copy yet since I am without vehicle. The husband had to take mine because his windshield wipers went belly up and it has been storming all day. Needless to say, I am pouting about he fact my local Best Buy did not offer a midnight release like some Best Buys across the U.S. did. Ah the joys of living in a small town.

There are rumors swirling about hints to a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or even a Half-Life 3. This would be completely epic if true. Fans have waited for what seems like eons for the mention of a new Half-Life game. My fingers are crossed.

I read the article in GameInformer regarding the Mass Effect 3 title. Did you hear the happy squeal when I found it in my mailbox? I am surprised since this is my favorite gaming franchise ever. I am very sad that this will be the last Mass Effect title and I will probably shed a tear when it's all over. I will miss the excitement of a new game coming out for it. There have been rumbles of rumors about a possible Mass Effect MMO. Now I am not a fan of MMOs but if BioWare decided to do this, it will be the first MMO I will play. I still need to play the Arrival DLC. I just haven't had time. I do have a new job that will allow me more gaming time but things are still in transition.

To answer a few questions, I do not review every game that comes out because I actually buy the games I review. I am not independently wealthy and am in the process of putting a kids through college, soon to be 2 kids. My money is precious and I don't get freebies from game developers like professional bloggers/reviewers/magazines do. So I am sorry if I do not play the game you want to know about. It's not personal.

Now for the video game playground I hinted at. It recently has come to my attention that the video game "friend" world can honestly play out like a kindergarten playground. One person gets mad at another person and then deletes everyone on their friends list that has that person that angered them on their list. The next logical step is deleting everyone that hasn't deleted the people you deleted off your friends list and so on and so forth. Really? Has it really come to this? It's a video game community. There is a lovely thing called mute and you can use it for the people you do not care for. You cannot rule your friends list and dictate who your friends can and cannot play games with. I honestly do not get the mentality that thinks that way. It's as if you were fighting with a friend back in grade school and went around making your friends choose sides. It's all so silly.

Yes this happened to me recently. I had someone I have played with for years decide he doesn't like someone else and all this is over a girl, basically. That and the fact the the one that was deleted was getting tired of being insulted and fought with the deleter. I stayed out of the whole affair and today received notice that I was being deleted. Fine. I am not going to die over it but it did make me wonder how long it was going to be before this person made everyone else delete me. It's very controlling behavior and unhealthy. I worry for the girl in question now. She is moving to be with him and I wonder how long it will be before he tries controlling everything she does.

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  1. Yeah, I too experienced the delete not too long ago. Like i've said on my blog, I believe in creating a friendly and diverse gaming community for online play.

    To have a random delete for me, I had no reason why I was deleted. My only guess is the the many talks we had about my dislike for 90% of anime in games. He like it, I didn't.

    no biggie..but all the same, kind of childish. But if that was the case than good riddance to the immature guy.