Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day in my life or real moms don't eat/pee/sleep

I received and e-mail asking me what my life is like with 5 kids, a husband, a kid living here that isn't even mine, working and gaming. Yes, it does seem like a lot on one plate. So for your amusement, a typical day in my life.

1 AM: Got to bed
6 AM: Husband's alarm goes off
6:30 AM: Get the 17 yr old that isn't mine up for school.
7 AM: Wake up my 13 yr old son
7:10 AM: Wake up the 13 yr old again
7:15 AM: Get mad, turn on his light and steal his blankets
7:20 AM: He finally wanders out of bed
7:30 AM: Get the 4 yr old boy up (he wants 10 more minutes), tell my 17 yr old girl she is going to be late for school and get out of bed. 13 yr old looks for his crap so he can go to school.
7:40 AM: Get 4 yr old up and dressed, fight for the 1 bathroom with the 17 yr old girl so the 4 yr old can pee and brush his teeth. 17 yr old boy (not mine) leaves.
7:55 AM: 17 yr old girl leaves
8:15-8:30 AM: Bus picks up 4 yr old and I pray the 9 month old will stay asleep.
8:30 AM: Dang it, 9 month old wakes up. Get a 'Good Morning' from my favorite gal Amariyura! COFFEE WHERE IS MY COFFEE!

Now the times get fluid. Play with baby, start computer. Maybe drop a note to my 19 yr old (at college) on Facebook. Play with baby. Feed baby. Change baby. Baby decides to play alone. I work. Work, work, work. Damn. The 13 yr old didn't do his dishes last night. Do dishes. Try to straighten up house(deep cleaning is reserved for the weekends. Baby wants food. Feed baby. Baby takes nap. Work, works, work. Did I mention I work form home on a computer? Baby wakes up within 30 minutes. Dang it. Feed baby. Change baby. Play with baby. Repeat all above steps until 12:30 PM when the bus drops of the 4 year old.

Feed 4 yr old snack. Talk to him about his day. He goes to play. Baby wants to sleep. Feed baby. Put baby down for another nap. Tell 4 yr old to be quiet. Work. Go to Facebook at some time to get a break from the stupidity I see working. Work, work, work.

3 PM: Other kids get out of school. Get predictable call from 13 yr old asking if he can go somewhere or someone come over. He gets no because he didn't do his chores last night. He argues. I get mad. He comes home and lays around the house, literally. Kid would gross moss on his butt if I didn't make him move. 17 yr old guy has lifting or tennis. 17 yr old gives me run down of her day, is going to hang out with boyfriend.

Work, work, work. Get stuff for baby and 4 yr old when demanded. Oh darn, did I get a shower? No? Crap. Ask 17 yr old girl to watch the infant so I can shower...finally.

5 PM: start dinner. Field questions regarding dinner which can be plainly seen but no one can seem to bother to look and see what it is. Hear complaints. Complaints ignored. Make a sandwich, whiner.

6-6:30 PM: Husband home. Dinner done, make everyone eat. Generally my first meal of the day. Work, work, work.

8 PM: If I am lucky, I am done working (hit my quota for the day) and I can play a game.

8-8:30 PM: 4 yr old goes to bed. Remind which teen it's their dish night.

9 PM: Try to decide on game. So tired.

12 AM: Played a game, got the other kids to bed. Shut house down. Took dog out. Fed dog. Baby wakes up. Feed baby.

1 AM: Sleep.

Now there is a ton of other things that go on but that is the nutshell of my day.


  1. I feel bad for thinking MY days are busy haha. Geez no time for games at all :(

  2. A good many mothers like yourself do this day in and day out. Much praise to people like yourself for keeping it all together and not imploding.