Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chaos, Inc.

My life has turned from nearly normal, for me anyway, to sheer chaos. The move date for Colorado is still up in the air and all this instability is making me crazy. I hate being "held hostage" by a company that hasn't released all the details to its employees. IT and other departments know what is going on for them but labor does not. Labor has a union contract to contend with and while I know that is making things far more difficult for the negotiations--can we get some information PLEASE! My needs are simple: I want to know when I can expect the new company to take over, are the other regions locking out hires from Ohio and when do I need to plan to move. Is it really that difficult to tell me these things?

My anxiety and stress levels have been so high, I actually dreamed my bed was trying to eat me. Of course that led me to not be able to sleep since every time I dozed off, it felt like I was sinking into my bed and it was trying to swallow me. Crazy, I know but I can't help what my subconscious gets up to. Next time, I sleep on the couch.

 On the home front, my poor college graduate daughter can't find a job. She's frustrated beyond belief and I do not blame her one bit. She has experience but no one wants to give her a break. She's now looking in the Cleveland area for a job in the hopes she has a better chance there. If she gets one, we will be saying goodbye to her much sooner and she won't have a car so we won't see her often. She really needs a car just so she can travel to Akron to visit her younger sister. I made them promise to stay close and see each other even though we (their parents) have moved to another state. They both have the option of moving with us but they are just starting their lives here and aren't ready to move. I get that.

 I am attempting to get my now 3 year old to potty train. I would probably have better luck teaching a cat to love water. She is so damned stubborn. She has the basic concept down but doesn't want to take the time to use the potty. My washer is getting worked over that's for sure.

 As for gaming; I am working on getting all the achievements in Borderlands 2 before my friend Dave gets back from his summer job in the Poconos. I just want to see his face when he has to catch up to me. *giggle* Yeah, I know, I am pure evil.

 I just finished a review for The Last Door. If you are a fan at all of point-and-click games, grab this one. It's pretty awesome. It's being done in chapters and the devs are asking for donations so they can keep making it. Please fund them if you like the game at all. On a side note, I saw people griping about the "terrible graphics" and I think those people missed the point of the game. It's a throw back to the old days of 80's adventure games so they went with 80's graphics. It's supposed to look like that. Not sure why some people think the only way a game is good is if it has the most realistic graphics ever. Hell, that's probably why most of these great companies are now closed or bankrupt. They are trying to meet the demands of an unreasonable community when a game can be fantastic with a good story and gameplay. Borderlands 2 is a perfect example. When the first Borderlands was released there were people bitching and moaning about graphics. I am not kidding. But, the game was amazing and the second one built upon the things that made the first one so fun. See? It doesn't have to look real to be good. Geez.

 I have two more games I am reviewing, a couple of JRPGs so my gaming time has been taking up by that. Anyone that has played a JRPG knows how time consuming this genre is. My PS3 is getting a workout. Installing these games has convinced me I need a bigger HDD for my old 60GB. I guess it's time to upgrade to a 500GB. I am still trying to save some money for a 3DS XL and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I'd like to get it before the move since I will be stuck in a hotel and I will have 3 kids with me.

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