Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Little Bit of Country

I have pretty much been stuck on playing Borderlands 2. I am down to needing two achievements and I'll need to get two characters up to level 31 before I can even attempt to unlock them - so play I must. I am also having a bitch of a time getting Terramorphous to drop the siren skin and head. It dropped once when I beat him but the head glitched and it couldn't be picked up. Haven't seen it since. The whole thing pisses me off really. I really need someone to create an app that has a list of heads and skins that will allow a person to check off what they have and give information on how to obtain each one. GO!

So on to the real reason for this post: a young lady I have watched grow, and has an amazing voice, has released a single through a record company. Apparently, this song was supposed to be done by Faith Hill but it was cut from her album so our little Candy got to record it instead. The recording was released on YouTube and it is going to be on iTunes (if it isn't already). I want to help give her a boost so I am posting the YouTube link here.

The song is "No Greater Love" and this singer is Candy Campana. Give it a listen and feel free to share it.

On a side note, I know for a fact she had a cold when she recorded this. not bad for a sick person. LOL

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