Monday, November 29, 2010

Fable 3 Understone and Black Ops/Microsoft beef

I downloaded and completed the "Understone" DLC for Fable 3. It was nice having something new to do in there but it was short. I need more DLC. I need to do a second playthrough on evil. It was worth the 400 points though.

Treyarch and Microsoft:

Microsoft announced they would be bringing down the "ban hammer" on anyone in Black Ops that creates a Swastika for an emblem. This weekend alone, I came across 2 of them. Then I saw 2 KKK's, one KKK with a black man hanging from a tree and of course the various sex acts, penises, vaginas and forms of bestiality.

I think Treyarch gave too much credit to their fans. Treyarch, I hate to break it to you but at least half of your gaming base...are morons. Yes, I said it. They are the slime in the gene pool. You had a great idea with the customized emblems but you forgot how immature and stupid most of these people are.

My disappoint in the human race is this; these people probably spent a significant amount of time creating that back of a woman with a gaping vagina, anus and semen and I have to ask why? So much creativity and that is what you come up with?

Yes they have the "report emblem" option in game but does it really do anything? Some of these emblems are gross and so offensive the person making them should be put on an island away from society.

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