Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops and more sexism

First, all of the Treyarch haters out there spewing about how Treyarch ruined the Call of Duty franchise with World at War...why are you playing Black Ops? Oh because you can't admit you're wrong and the game is EPIC! It is everything Modern Warfare 2 should have been but wasn't.

Yes, I love Black Ops like I love my husband. It is WONDERFUL. It's beautifully rendered and it almost looks like the game was rendered in realism mode. I don't know how to describe it other than that. The controls are solid and I love the fact I can buy what I want to play with rather than getting stuck with what the game give me. It makes the game personal, like it was developed for me.

The first thing I did was load an old zombie map. Yes, I bought the Hardened Edition. The graphics are cleaned up and my old buddies are back. I love Dempsey and the drunken Russian. Then I loaded the new map that is unlocked from the beginning. The map is huge. I mean huge. I never did find the electricity and was running around killing and opening doors. Awesome. I hear that more maps unlock as you play the campaign on different difficulties and you can unlock a presidents mode. Nothing like killing zombies as Nixon or Castro.

Online play is fun and not as frustrating. I like the things they put in place to attempt to prevent boosting like not tactical insertion in free-for-all mode. Way to go, stick it to the cheaters. I know I am bloody sick of them. Though claymores next to a tactical insertion was always fun. Yes I am the girl that did that to you over and over. Quit boosting.

I will say that one of my favorite new modes is Combat Training. FINALLY! A way to practice online play without going in and dying a lot in game. It's pretty sweet. You, and some friends if you have any, can load this up. Pick a map and a game mode. The game then loads "bots" for you to play with and against. It names the bots with names form your friends list. The AI isn't stupid either. They make you work for the kills. You earn rank, cash and unlocks just like regular game mode so you can try out different load outs before you go and earn the cash in regular mode. Then you know exactly what you want to buy without wasting money.

The veteran campaign is difficult so far but not so difficult, yet, that I want to chuck my controller through the screen but I am not skipping through it picking flowers like I did on Modern Warfare 2. I like a challenge and I was sorry Modern Warfare 2 had to be dumbed down for lazy gamers.

Okay so you get the idea, I like this game. I haven't tried Wager nor Bounty modes. I'll wait until I have some cash. Hey, guess what, it appears to have split screen too. When I was going into mulitplayer it had "turn on second controller for split screen" option. I guess I could have gotten away with one copy then but no I don't have to share the TV. Split screen turns off options like surveillance cameras and such.

Now for my sexism rant. When I couldn't use the avatar award from my Halo Reach controller, I was angry but chalked it up to a coding error. Well I take it all back, gaming is sexist. I had pre-ordered 2 Hardened Editions and when I picked them up I was given two code for the Black Ops Flight Suit. Great! One for me, one for hubby. I went to redeem code..."sorry this is for male avatars only. Give to a guy you know" message came up. Seriously! Again?! Okay I was mad. I paid just as much money as the guys and I had looked forward to this, part of the reason I flippin' pre-ordered. Then there was a code in the game for a Woods Suit. I went to redeem the code from MY copy of Black Ops and got the same message.

Microsoft, you need to get with the program. Girls play video games. Girls play hardcore video games. We are not sticking cutesy games like Kinectimals and Sims 3. We enjoy avatar crap too. We will dress them up like soldiers if it's from a favorite game. We are not in the kitchen making sandwiches. Geez.

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