Friday, November 26, 2010

Black fun fun

So I have been wasting time on Black Ops messing with the Easter Eggs Treyarch put in it. I love hidden stuff like that.

So by now I am sure everyone knows you can get up from your torture chair at the Main Menu and walk around. Go to the computer and type in Zork to play a game I played way back when called Zork. Best text based game in memory.

Type in DOA to access a "zombie map" called Dead Ops Arcade. This one is way fun and you can play with 4 people just like zombies.

Type in 3ARC UNLOCK to open the 'Five' zombie map without completing the campaign. What's the fun in that though? 3ARC INTEL will unlock all the intel but you can't get the achievement if you do this.

Now even more in depth is the computer itself. It's Unix based and you can access e-mails, pictures and other documents once you figure out the logins and passwords for each person. There is a CIA and Dreamland servers. I think I found a Derriese server too but I haven't been able to figure out the login and passwords for it. It's really interesting and adds to the overall story.

I finished the campaign on Veteran, which wasn't easy but the stupid game said I didn't do SOG or The Defector on Veteran so I didn't get the achievements. Grrrr
Not sure how I could have switched difficulty mid-game but whatever. I will replay those evil levels.

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