Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Fable 3

I am loving this game. It's like brain candy. There are some glitches but overall, nicely done.

The story is a good departure too. They didn't just pick up the same villain and do another game. Whole new ballpark. The game play is solid and there is a nice variety of weapons. Upgrading means doing the requirements for that gun. No more finding gems.

Expressions? Well I am not in love with the new system. You no longer get to pick which expression you get to do under good or evil. You get what pops up and whether or not you do it, is up to you. This made opening a Demon Door a pain.

There is a mission where you have to find flowers and a mission you have to find books. I have heard grumblings about not being able to complete the flower one unless you are evil due to some sort of programming glitch and that a certain book you need is missing entirely. I haven't run into it yet myself so I'll have to see if it's them or the game.

Getting all the Legendary Weapons is going to be a challenge too. I have collected or have access to all but 12. No one has been trading or willing to sell them so, not sure what I am going to do to get them all.

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