Sunday, December 12, 2010

Video Game Awards

Watched Spike TVs VGAs tonight and it was short. I know they skipped some categories and wow, some of the presenters were annoying.

Congrats to Red Dead Redemption for getting Game of the Year but Mass Effect 2 should have gotten it. It has wider appeal and is an almost perfect game.

Black Ops of course won for best FPS and Woods got Best Character.

There were some cool reveals too. Mass Effect 3 trailer! I saw it and screamed like a 12 yr old girl. It'll be out holiday 2011. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will be out November 1, 2011 and the teaser trailer looks great!

Portal 2
is coming out and so is Gears of War 3. Portal had a teaser as well but nothing about Gears 3. I was following Cliffy B's tweets though. I love that guy. He makes me laugh and he is as snarky as I am.

I think Gary Oldman or Martin Sheen should have won for best male voice. Reznov is a favorite of mine and no one beats the Illusive Man.

There were a few more "reveals" and more winners but they didn't show everything on the show. You can go here to see everything. They really need a bigger time slot. Looking through it all Red Dead Redemption took a lot of the categories. Some I agree with, others I don't. I'll have to wait and see what other game award shows think.

I picked up Tomb Raider Underworld for $8 and am trying to download the DLC. It's really creeping along slowly.

Can't wait for Christmas so I can give the husband Fallout New Vegas. I even picked up the hardback guide since someone told me it had some great preset characters to try out. I am kind of wishing I had bought the Collector's Edition since I saw him looking at it the other day. Maybe I'll find a good deal later, like I did with Fallout 3 and buy it then. I'll just sell the used one.

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