Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reach multiplayer

Wow...really Bungie? I didn't think anyone could screw up multiplayer worse than Bioshock 2 but then you proved me wrong.

Where do I start? Firefight? Hell ya! This is an awesome game mode and I had a lot of fun playing it. I enjoyed it on ODST so this was like frosting on what I thought would be a delicious cake. Then...

I went to the Team Slayer playlist. What a total nightmare. Shield classes are over powered making the person virtually invulnerable and health packs? Really? People can't play well enough on their own so now they can heal themselves all over the map, again, making themselves virtually untouchable. I played a round where the opposing team was camped out at the health stations and were healing themselves whenever the packs respawned. When you see one person has a K/D of 25 and 2, yet everyone else barely reaches 5 kills, you know there is a problem. If you can't play online without a health pack...get off.

I absolutely detest multiplayer. I seriously doubt I will ever play it again. There is nothing fun about it nor redeeming. I don't care if I die a lot so long as I have fun. I was not having fun at all. I am so disappointed I cannot even begin to describe it.

Then there is a spawning issue. I got dragged in, by popular vote of those who were playing, to a snipers and pistols game. I couldn't leave my spawn area because the opposing team camped out and sniped into the spawn anytime anyone appeared. Even when the program tried to spawn me downstairs, it spawned me in front of the enemy. I didn't get a single kill. Hell, I don't think I got to walk 5 steps.

Thank heavens Bungie is not making anymore Halo games. The campaign is a good one to retire on. Too bad they couldn't make Team better. There are many causal gamers I know that are not going to buy this because they have taken the fun out of it for the people that aren't trying to go pro. That is what was nice about Halo 3, anyone could play it and people generally had fun.

Way to suck the joy out of a game...

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