Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots going on

Bungie will releasing a patch to deal with the balance issues in Halo Reach. Not surprising to me since that is my biggest complaint. There will be new maps too, if rumors are correct. We'll see.

I got my Xbox 360 Elite back and I now have a Xbox Slim unexpectedly. Odd to have an extra Xbox lying around. I think I will hold it over my 12 yr old's head. If he wants it, he had better buckle down.

I finished the Mass Effect 2 DLC "Lair of the Shadow Broker." Very cool story addition. I won't give anything away but the way it ends, you have access to all the Shadow Broker's files and information. You can keep going back too so I think this will play into Mass Effect 3 in some way. You can purchase survey maps for mineral rich planets, view surveillance videos, dossiers and invest in some money making deals there too. Plus I had a delivery of some upgrades. This will be valuable if it is a "bridge" DLC to ME3.

I also finished the 3rd Mass Effect book, Retribution. If it goes according to the previous book patterns, Mass Effect 3 is going to be a kick ass game. The story was fantastic and it appears to be a set up for the next game. Reapers and Cerberus played a big part in the book. The Illusive Man was taken down a peg or two as well. I can't wait. Damn my impatience.

My Fable 3 controller will be out next week. Fable 3 and Medal of Honor Tier One will be released this next month too. I am so excited. I'll have 2 new games to play around with. I need something that isn't first person shooter so Fable 3 will be a nice break. Now I need to finish paying for my 2 copies of Black Ops before November 9th. I hate the fact we have to buy 2 copies to play together. The one thing Bungie has always done right, online multiplayer co-op/split screen. Saves me a bundle.

I downloaded Marathon Durandal too, one of Bungie's early games. It really took me back, old school. I was laughing all the way through it. Really brought back memories. I know a couple of people that have it now so I'll have to get on and do a couple of multiplayer matches.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be releasing their Vietnam add-on in December. Something else I am looking forward to.

Microsoft said they will not be doing Bluray on their next gen consoles? Huge mistake. Just saying. The games are becoming so advanced, you need that Bluray to hold the information, or else you'll end up with stacks of discs for one game. The new controller doesn't seem like that big of a deal either. So you changed the directional pad disk. I don't have that many games that use it where I have a problem with the old one. I am not all that impressed and certainly not impressed enough to pay $65 for it, shiny or not.

There is a lot more I could sit here and ramble about but I have work to do. I'll add more over the next few days. Christmas is coming so the gaming industry is jumping.

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