Sunday, September 5, 2010

Definition of frustration

This word has many different definitions for gamers. Some of use define it as getting killed in Halo/Call of Duty/*fill in FPS multiplayer* even though you were firing on the enemy first. Some will harken back tot he days of Sim City and define it as the moment your city was doing well on it's own and Godzilla emerges from the sea, crushing half your town. Still others will define it as the inability to find the creature to kill to get a drop of a rare weapon.

Tonight, it had a new meaning for me---

Frustration: noun: Playing Fallout 3, running across a Super Mutant Behemoth while completely unprepared, finding a spot it can't follow you in but you can shoot at it, getting close to killing it and the game freezes.

I was aimlessly wandering around the Wastes in Fallout 3 on the direction of my backseat gaming husband. *I remember now why I don't usually listen to him* I came across a Raider slave camp. I went in and killed the Raiders. Found a Super Mutant Behemoth in the center of camp, caged. I set all the slaves free, ran into a shack and killed the last 2 Raiders. As I walked out of the camp and was trying to decide if ti would be possible to kill the Behemoth through the fence, I noticed one of the slaves I had freed freeing the Behemoth. Not awesome. I ran next to a train and found a section the Behemoth wouldn't follow me into so I could back into there and shoot him. Eventually he'd turn around and that would give me a chance to regroup.

I had gotten his health down to less than half. That was no mean feat considering I had weapons that really wouldn't make a dent in his health. The game suddenly froze up.


I turned the game off and now I am having a beer. Enough said.

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