Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halo Reach

I opened my copy of Halo Reach this morning and was greeted with the customization of your character right off the bat. Cool. There are lots of choices though to get all the options, you are going to have to spend the "money" you make in game.

So I got my gal all set up and launched into the campaign first. Yes, I usually do the campaign first. The first thing I noticed were that the controls are completely different. I might have to customize my buttons because having the "beat down" option on the RB is awkward. Then I noticed the character I created is in game. Yes my pink spartan is who I am playing as and it has a female voice. Way to go Bungie.

The environments are much richer than they have ever been and you can actually explore places. I found 1/5 data pads which makes me think I need to restart and comb the areas a bit more. The detail is finally what I expected to see. Thank you Bungie for not disappointing with another ODST fiasco. Let's face it, ODST was sub par at best.

The story is good too and I am genuinely interested. There are achievements that can be gotten in campaign and "firefight" mode so that's cool and I am ranking up playing campaign. Double-y good. Maybe the people that never actually play the game will now that it benefits them.

Okay off to play some more.

Oh and on a side note, my Xbox Elite is finally making it's way back to me from being repaired. That means I can download and play the new Mass Effect 2 DLC "Lair of the Shadow Broker." Wheeeeeee

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