Monday, September 20, 2010

More Reach

I played some more of this and I will say I do enjoy the objective games much better than the straight slayer. Invasion and Invasion Slayer are probably my favorites.

Now I do think the sniper rifle is way overdone and they really don't give the Elites a load out to combat it. I love the needle rifle.

The daily and week challenges are entertaining to try to get but I am sure that the novelty will wear off eventually. Especially after everyone gets the achievements for doing them.

I have cleared 30 out of the 49 achievements myself. I'll clear the rest in campaign.

Armor customization is a cool concept but some pieces are so over-the-top expensive that I am not sure that many people will get them. I think with Black Ops coming out in a couple of months, plus many other games in the next 6 months, people might stop playing this so hardcore and never get the million or more points they need to "purchase" these armors.

Bungie will have to release some new map packs fairly early on.

My Elite should be here today. Man I miss having it. I was stuck watching TV this weekend while the husband and 12 year old played. *I had to work* TV programming leaves something to be desired. I missed my Netflix streaming. No I couldn't do it through my laptop since I was working on my laptop.

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