Sunday, June 9, 2013

And That is Another 100% Done....Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

To clarify, my backlog consists of games I have not finished, have no started or have not gotten 100% on (well, games I think I can actually get 100% on) and today I added my 14th game to that 100% completion list.

 I finally did everything in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the Lego game from Traveller's Tales. They are funny, challenge the brain and are easy enough to play with my kids. Plus, they take beloved stories/movies and put a new twist on them while maintaining the original story. The only one I haven't finished nor gotten 100% on is Lego Indiana Jones 2. It's just so...boring. I think, in part, because I played the first one and playing through the second one feels like a rehash. Plus, let's be honest, Indiana Jones 4 was the lamest excuse for a movie ever.

 Honestly though, if you have kids or maybe you just want a game to play that is easy on the blood pressure, check out the Lego games by TT Games. You would be hard pressed to find fun, challenging games that are good for the kids. Even my 2-year-old will get on and run around breaking bricks. Sure, she does not understand the goal part of it but sh has fun just doing what she is doing. The rest will come to her soon enough.

 Anyway, just wanted to make this quick post to announce my Lego game prowess and state I can check this one off my list of games I needed to finish. So now what? Dual game? Maybe finish Lego Batman 2 and Alan Wake at the same time?

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