Friday, May 17, 2013

Well Crap!

So I didn't get to game at all these past 10 days. My mom was visiting from California and she is so anti-video game, it is amazing. Especially since she had played just about every Legend of Zelda game in existence. So there's that...

 My oldest child graduated from college this past Monday as well and in stereotypical, college graduate form; she's moved back home. I am trying to sort out bedrooms and storage as we speak. I am happy to have her home and she got her degree in 4 years, not the average 6-7 years. Everyone gave me grief for sending her to a small private college but in the long run, I will get off cheaper since I won't be paying for more than those 4 years. Now she needs to figure out her next step. I am voting for grad school but she might go to work. She is also toying with the idea of joining the Peace Corp. I am good with that too.

 In other news, I think I will be skipping PAX Prime this year. I will put my husband's passes up for sale in July when I know for sure. My decision is based on a few things, though #1 is the cost. The money could be better used for something else and I just cannot bring myself to pay to go. The problem with writing for a small site is the fact no one pays your travel expenses...or you. So with the time off work, the $1000 for plane tickets, $1000 for hotel plus food; not going to happen. This is a big disappointment for me because Seattle is my hometown. I have not been back since my grandmother died and I would love to see it again. It would be therapeutic and almost like a balm for my soul just to smell that ocean air. I will miss seeing all those people I enjoy spending time with at PAX conventions but maybe next year.

Well, I need to get rooms sorted and then I am going to try to get on Fallout 3. However, if the spouse gets home first it will be Black Ops 2 multiplayer. It's Double Weapons XP Weekend.

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